Seafood supplier NI | Smoked fish, shell fish, cod, haddock, monkfish langoustines
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Signature Range

Fresh Fish – All year round

We aim to produce fresh quality seafood year-round from our Portavogie boats and carefully selected suppliers within the UK and Ireland. Caught, expertly prepared and delivered, we normally have top quality fresh fish and shellfish available at any time for local delivery and for export.

To place an order, or to make an enquiry about our current range, just contact us here

Portavogie Prawns/Langoustine Tails

Sourced from Portavogie local trawlers which land their catch fresh daily.  Still Waters skilled shellers carefully hand peel each individual Langoustine tail to ensure only the freshest, purest meat is delivered to you.  Our Langoustine tails are additive and preservative free, a completely natural and unrivalled product.  Our Langoustine tails are available for local delivery and for export.


Sourced from the Co. Down coast, our scallops are landed fresh daily and processed by our skilled cutters.  Strict Co. Down sustainability regulations ensue our Scallops are no less than 110mm shells providing the meatiest of King Scallops!  Our Scallops are 100% natural with no additives or preservatives and available for local delivery and export.

Still Waters Artisan produced Smoked White Fish

At Still Waters, we follow traditional smoking methods handed down through generations to produce a uniquely flavoured fish at our premises in Portavogie.  Freshly delivered white fish are filleted by hand to allow us to carefully monitor every single fish that passes through our smokehouse.  The whole process is conducted quickly and hygienically and under strict control in order to retain the fishes fine taste, freshness and natural colour.  Our fish is smoked in an aromatic smoke from a slow burning fire of natural oak shavings giving our fish a delicate colour and a mouth-watering taste.

We’d love to talk more about our Signature Range! For more information or enquires just contact us here

Looking for the freshest local fish in Northern Ireland?